viernes, 14 de marzo de 2008


Today I go this email from my Chinese teacher:
First, we are going to finish Lesson 23. Then we won't start another book, instead, we are going to review a lot.
Good news is that there won't be any major test. An even better news is that we will still have Ting1xie3 plus oral presentation. The oral presentation takes place of those exams and each of you will be expected to do at least 6 or 7 of it. The topics will cover pretty much everything we learned in fall and winter. What you are also going to do is to improve your handwriting. Don't expect to get a 4 or a higher grade if you can't even write your name in Chinese...
I will help you through some basic grammars.
There won't be too many new stuff to learn while I believe a better foundation is better than tons of new knowledge for you at this moment.

This is exactly what language programs in he USA need to teach. Strong overlearned foundations so that all the basic stuff sticks real well. When you travel to a foreign country, what you want to do is communicate in the most simple way. You do not need all those ridiculous subjunctive tenses. Trust me I speak Spanish. You only need to know what you would actually really want to say.