jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008

College Slaves

My roommate has been writing letters designed to show interest at particular colleges. Even though he doesn't have any question, he asks them anyways so that admission officers get the sense that he really likes their particular school.
Do we really have to slave for these institutions? Are they our last resort? Why colleges and not jobs? WTF?!

viernes, 16 de mayo de 2008

It's not a charity but they run it like one.

This is where you want to be. You live and breathe the business not because your wallet is a little fatter at the end of the day but because you would pay to do it. You feel like the activity is meaningful.
Thanks Paul Graham.


I loved LeBron. He was DA MAN. Working harder than everybody else, I wanted to be him.
However, after his, "A LeBron Team is never desperate." I have to question my previous choices.
The lack of character demonstrated in that quote makes me upset.
You work with teammates, and as a leader you should be the first to fall and the last to rise.
I really can't admire someone who character isn't this way.

jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008

Be Nice to Assholes.

Today, in a most embarrassing manner, AES rejected me from the board. Guided by Foster and Emerson, I tried to make the best of the club, arranging for meeting and trying to become more involved in the investement process. At times, I might have seemed a little too pushy, therefore they decided to cut off probably one of the more passionate investors from a position of influence.
Moral of the Story: Be nice, even if people are assholes. If you are not, you could potentially lose some important positions, jobs, promotions, etc.
People choose who they like, not who necessarily does the best job.
Be both.

By the way, if the entire organization is immersed in asshole structure just quit and do your own gig. It's not worth it having to deal with people of this sort.

viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

Treat me Right King's

I was expecting my large buffalo chicken calzone. I waited and waited for about an hour. By then I called back to find out where it was. I was expecting a simple error, the guy on the phone might have misheard one number.
However, this is not what I got.
He told me how he was a professional at taking orders and how all of a sudden I changed up on him and was screwing him over.
I got angry and thus I will not be ordering from King' ever again.
You could have told me there was a communication error. You could have apologized, and reminded me to speak a little more clearly the next time. If you were to be really good, you would have included a free soda.
But no, you call me an idiot.
Never imply this to your customers. Even if they might be. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose.