lunes, 28 de enero de 2008

Why Blog?

I asked myself the same question when I finally decided to post after having a page. Initially I had gotten a bug, "I had to learn CSS" and read on design, went through tutorials and in the end I never got on to posting.

Today I see myself forgetting my last moves, the struggles, successes and failures. I feel the need to actually embody my idles, instead of just reading their writings, in addition to record my progress and stop talking bs.

Sure, I have an SAT test tomorrow that I could be studying for, I could be reading up on Pride and Prejudice, I could be working on what people ask of me, however I don't see myself following orders in 20 years. I want to carve my path. So I will try to blog.

I begin this with the college application process in mind. I've been bugged with questions like where do I want to go? Do I need to go? Is this what's best for my life?

I hope I answer these questions through my writings, I hope you guys help me see the light. I don't know everything and this blog is most importantly for myself, a diary, that if I'm lucky will be good enough for other to read and enjoy and learn from. 

So it begins.

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